Muskan Atta, Maida Suji

Muskan Atta, Maida SujiView

MUSKAN Flour is produced using selected wheat while maintaining a very high standard of hygiene and purification process, leaving all the natural nutrients remain intact. The total production process is hand free and is fully computerised (PLC based). Wholesome wheat from the farmlands of Canada, Australia and Argentina ensures the nutritious MUSKAN Flour.

MUSKAN Flour is processed by world renowned Buhler machine From Switzerland where each and every wheat can be separated from unexpected particulars’. This process keeps all natural nutrients of MUSKAN Flour intact. HDPE co-extract Pack materials of MUSKAN Flour keeps the flour in the best quality.

MUSKAN brand is currently serving the following categories of flour in different stock keeping unit.
MUSKAN MAIDA : 1 kilogram and 2 kilogram
MUSKAN ATTA : 1 kilogram and 2 kilogram
MUSKAN SUJI : 500 gram